Vanity Mounted Liquid Soap Dispenser U 128 PC



  • Globe is translucent, shatterproof and corrosion resistant molded polyethylene
  • Spout is finished with highly polished chrome on brass
  • Easily operated with one hand
  • Holds 34 fl oz. of liquid soap or hand sanitizer
  • Piston & Spout: Highly polished corrosion resistant, stainless steel. Assembly rotates 360 degrees
  • Flange & Collar: One piece highly polished chrome on brass
  • Valve Assembly: All purpose bellows valve, fabricated of ABS material, with stainless steel return spring
  • Shank: Chrome on brass, secured to collar. Special key provided that unlocks collar for servicing
  • Globe & Collar: High impact translucent polyethylene
  • Capacity: 34 fluid oz.
  • Recommend type soaps without chloric solutions for proper operation

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